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About Me

Prof. MadanMohan Pachouly was born in Betul, MadhyaPradesh, Year 1946. Showing a proclivity for performance at an early age, he prepared Poems for “Independence Day” for a high school competition, which fed into him competitive nature, and possibly led to her pursuing a career in poetry and songs .

Working as a H.O.D. and Professor for Hindi Department in MadhyaPradesh Government, and he started his career as a Poem and Ghazals writing.

Prof. MadanMohan has composed thousands of poems on – God, Fragnance of Villages, Peace, Love, Emotions, Life, Death, Devotion, Success-Failures, Spirituality, Nature, Wildlife, Mother, Father, Children, Friendship, Humanity, Brotherhood. His Collected Poems on these topics have been awarded at different events across India.

He prefers to follow his poetic passion and interest towards the Ghazals, Songs, Bhajans, Khandkavyas.!

Fiew of poetries are Yad Farosh, Shila aur Shilpi, Soorya Vandana, Saraswati Vandana, Gram Nagar, Aasuri se Devatva tak, Tamso ma Jyotir gamay etc.

Shila Aur Shilpi solely dedicated on Sangmarmari beauty of Bheraghat, Jabalpur.